american in moscow

An American in Moscow

Anya from San Francisco talks about teaching and learning languages.


eager currently volunteer
focus at least private (2)
tutor foreigner all by myself
fun as well technique
try someday when it come to
enjoy outgoing open-minded
make possible for the past year
Skype one day education
hope though pronounce
other through see you soon






Hello, my name is Anya. I am an American, and have lived in San Francisco for most of my life. Currently, I live in Moscow.

Here in Moscow for three years I have volunteered at the American Center and have helped Russians, foreigners, and Japanese as well with their English. I helped them with speaking, listening, reading pronunciation and grammar as well.

Sometimes I even privately tutored them.

Also, I helped many Japanese on Skype with their English.

Everybody was always eager and happy for me to teach them because the way I teach is fun. I focus on what is enjoyable for you. And I try to make it as educational as possible.

As a person I am very outgoing and open-minded, especially when it comes to languages. For the past three years I have been studying Russian and Japanese all by myself. Currently I can speak, write and read in both languages.

So I know the best studying techniques when it comes to languages.

One day I hope to teach English in Japan. Currently though, I am not in Japan. But I’d like to at least help other Japanese through Skype with their English.

So I hope I can help you too. See you soon.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Who is this person? Where is she from? Where does she live?

2. Does she work at a language center?

3. She only teaches grammar. True or false?

4. Does she only teach face-to-face?

5. She has many students. Yes or no? If yes, why?

6. What languages does she know?

7. She would like to travel to . . . . .

8. What may be the main idea or message of this video?

A. How have you studied English?

B. Do you live in Moscow? Are you from Moscow? Have you been to Moscow?

C. Have you met people from Moscow? Who were they? What were they doing?

D. Describe the geography and climate of Moscow and, or Russia in general.

E. Describe the economy of Moscow and Russia in general. What are the main imports and exports?

F. Does Moscow have any challenges or problems? What are some problems or challenges that Moscow or Russia has?

G. What is Russian food like? Describe Russian food like?

H. What are the tourist attractions of Moscow and Russia in general (cultural, historic, natural)?

I. What do you associate with Moscow or Russia in general? What comes to mind when you think of Moscow or Russia in general?



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