American Cuisine




ready waitress diner (2)
dinner popcorn order (3)
dine fry/fried know/knew/known
sure right (4) French fries
donut actually welcome
bacon fortune pineapple
menu cookie think/thought/thought (2)
invent fortune cookie







Waitress: Hi welcome to A Very American Diner. Are you ready to order?
Customer: Oh, can I have some very American food?
Waitress: Sure! So you want a burger?
Customer: Eh . . . isn’t that from Germany?
Waitress: What?
Client: You know they have a city called “Hamburg”?
Waitress: Okay — what about some french fries? . . . Oh they’re French right? Sorry.
Client: Belgium actually.
Waitress: Okay . . . um popcorn?
Diner: Mexico.
Waitress: Donuts?
Diner: Holland.
Waitress: Pizza?
Guest: Italy.
Waitress: BUT — we put pineapple on it.
Guest: Then it’s Canadian.
Waitress: Huh? I thought it’s Hawaiian.
Visitor: Brazil, actually.
Waitress: Okay, okay . . . um . . . what about bacon?
Visitor: It’s actually from China.
Waitress: Okay another one off the menu them. Ummm! You know what I think? Would you like to have some fortune cookies; you’re Chinese right?
Food Blogger: It’s actually American!
Waitress: What?
Food Blogger: Yeah that’s invented by Japanese men.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Pizza. The setting of this video was a Chinese restaurant. This video took place in a Chinese restaurant. True or false?

Hamburger, Hot Dog. Did the diner want to have Mexican food? Was the customer interested in having an Italian meal?

Doner, Gyros, Shawarma. Hamburgers come from Texas. Is this right or wrong?

Pie, Cake. Are french fries originally from France? Were the French the first to make french fries?

Ice-cream. An American chemist invented popcorn. Is this correct or incorrect?

Taco, Burrito. Did the waitress and guest have a discussion about pizzas? What did they say?

Dumplings. Bacon was first made in England. Do you agree?

Spaghetti. Was the fortune cookie created in China?
Fish and Chips. Are hamburgers, french fries, popcorn, pizza, bacon and fortune cookies popular in your city or country?

French Fries. What are some common or popular foods in your nation? What are the origins of these foods?

Pastries. Are traditional foods from your nation eaten or popular elsewhere?

Pancake, Crepe. What might happen in the future?

Barbecue, BBQ. Should people eat more locally, more globally, both or in between?

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