all American town one

An All-American Town, 1




deep root (2) through
fence valley spirit (2)
pride radish adventure
flow wire (2) spirit of adventure
craft proud through it all
run/ran/run (3)






There’s a place where the skies are BIG. And the water flows. A place of deep roots, and mountains of pride.

A spirit of adventure and a culture of craft.

And through it all, the river runs.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *




1. This video was about a large city. True or false?

2. Does the town lie along a sea or ocean? Is it a coastal town.

3. Everyone is Missoula, Montana shops in grocery stores and supermarkets. Is this right or wrong?

4. Do the people only eat bread, meat and potatoes? Does the town have good food, restaurants, cafes and bars?

7. Is the most popular sport and activity playing football? What do people do in the river and mountains?

8. The locals mostly stay at home, watch TV and go on social media (surf the internet). Is this correct or incorrect? Is Missoula a boring town or a lively, interesting, entertaining place?


A. I want to live in Missoula! Yes or no? Would your friends like to move there?

B. Is your town or city similar to Missoula, Montana, USA? Are there places in your country similar to Montana?

C. What can you say about young people versus older people in terms of living in a city, town or village?

D. Where would you and your friends like to live? I would like to live in . . .

E. What might happen in the future?

F. What should young, middle-aged and old people do?

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