all American town 2

An All-American Town, 2



place downtown come out (2)
cello feel/felt/felt out and about
queue market marketplace
folks line (2) ice cream cone
cone awesome see/saw/seen
flow food stall all winter long
join community traffic lights
great welcome make/made/made
brew connect (2) hear/heard/heard
fest stream






Woman, One: “Missoula. And it’s summer. And it’s the first Friday. And tomorrow it’s Saturday market. And it’s so great, seeing all the kids and families out, and folks you haven’t see all winter long. And sometime they have a new baby.

And it’s really awesome to see everyone out and about. I really feel connected to the community, joining art and joining each other.

That’s what makes Missoula so great — it’s the community.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Man, One: “How are you doing? Welcome to Garden City Brew Fest.”

Host: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Carol King!!”
Carol King: “Let me hear how Missoula does it: How are you doing!”

Host: “Thanks for coming out. Garden City Brew Fest Number 22. So far, so good.”

Father: “Missoula in the summer is the best place to be.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Missoula, Montana, USA is along the sea. It is a seaside city. It is a coastal city. True or false?

2. In Missoula, people only stay in their homes and drive cars; they never walk outside. Yes or no?

3. Is Missoula in a flat area, or does it have mountains?

4. Do people only shop in supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls and department stores?

5. Is there good food in Missoula? Are there restaurants, cafes and bars there?

6. Does the city host festivals?

7. Describe the atmosphere in Missoula. How do people feel?


A. I want to live in Missoula, Montana, USA! Yes or no? Would your friends like to move there?

B. Is your town or city similar to or different from Missoula? Are there places in your country similar to Missoula?

C. What can you say about young people versus older people in terms of living in a city, town or village?

D. Where would you and your friends like to live? I would like to live in . . .

E. What might happen in the future?

F. What should young, middle-aged and old people do?

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