after school

After School




glass soccer accountant
field buddy prepare
youth factory look around
snack bench costume
puree stuffed cabbage
corn goulash excursion
surf attend all caught up
extra private councilor
teen except traditional
draw part of every now and then
crafts various put on shows
stroll activity growing up


After School

After coming home from school, Boris has lunch that his mother had prepared for him (she works as an accountant at a glass factory). This time it’s chicken and a salad.

He then does some homework.

If there isn’t a lot to do, he goes out and joins his buddies at the neighbourhood sports field. They play a game of soccer or basketball.


Town Centre

Other times, Boris and his classmates, take the tram to the town centre. There they walk among the shops and in the shopping malls. Usually they just look around and don’t buy anything, except for some snacks like ice-cream.

When the weather’s good, they stroll around in a park, sit on a bench and watch the girls go by.

In the Evening

Towards evening they return home.

Boris does some more homework, then has supper with his family. His mom makes great goulash, stuffed cabbage and potato puree.

After dinner Boris, or his sister Piroska, washes the dishes. They then continue with their homework.

Once he’s all caught up, he listens to music and surfs the internet. Or he goes over to his friend’s house and watches a movie.

Extra Lessons

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Boris and Piroska attend extra English classes at a private language center. Right now Boris is taking an exam preparation class. It’s very difficult . . . but these days everyone has to know English, along with computers.


The Youth Centre

On other days Boris might spend time the Youth Centre. There he and other teens take part in various activities such as drawing, painting, crafts, drama, singing and folk and modern dance.

Every now and then, the youths put on shows for the public. They wear traditional costumes.

The Centre also organizes excursions. They visit different places of interest. The youth counselor tells them that it’s all part of growing up.



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1. Boris’ mother is a homemaker. True or false?

2. What are his hobbies and pastimes?

3. Give examples of what he eats.

4. Boris and his sister only study at their regular school. Is this right or wrong? Do they study English for fun, as a hobby?

5. What happens at the Youth Centre?

6. What might Boris be doing in the future? What will happen to him in the future?
A. What do you do typically do after school?

B. What are your hobbies?

C. Do you or your friend have a part-time job?

D. Do you take any courses, or belong to a club or organization?

E. Have you been on school excursions? What are some excursions that you have been on?

F. What do you want to be “when you grow up”?


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