After School Routine, Emily




brush cupboard head back
tired upstairs catch up with
revise go to bed as soon as
worry rest (2) out of the way
snack hungry get home
drama physics geography
decide avocado feed/fed/fed
wash kidding see/saw/saw
a while energize tooth/teeth
a bit routine catch/caught/caught






When I get home from school, I’m always so energized . . . um, um. I’m just kidding.

When I get home from school, I’m usually so tired and I can’t wait to go upstairs and just relax.

After relaxing for a little while I decide to do some homework or revise a little bit. I usually do this as soon as I get home, so then it out of the way and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the night.

Then what I do is go and get myself a snack because I’m normally hungry after school.

And I usually look through all the cupboards to see what I can find. And today I decided to have avocado, and if you know me you know that I LOVE avocados.

Not only after having a snack I then feed Lola.

Tomorrow I have physics, drama, geography, English and maths. As you can see here I then pack my bag for the next day at school.

Before I eat what I usually do is I just got my laptop and I watch YouTube or catch up on TV shows I’m watching, and just relax.

Then what I do is I eat my dinner and tonight I was having pizza.

Okay, so after eating what I usually do is I have a shower tonight; I didn’t wash my hair as I washed it the night before.

Then I brush my teeth. Then after brushing my teeth what I usually do is I head back into my room and go my laptop again for a little while. Again I was watching YouTube and catching up on some TV shows.

Between around 10:00 and 10:30 I decide to go to bed.

And that is my after school routine

Good night guys.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



5:00 am (Five o’clock am, Five am). When Emily comes home, does she feel energetic or tired?

6:30 am (Six-thirty am). The first thing she does at home is play video games. True or false? What does she do next?

8:15 am (Eight-fifteen am). Does Emily eat donuts as a snack?

10:45 am (Ten-forty-five). She then feeds her cat. Is this right or wrong?

12:00 (Twelve noon). What does Emily study at school?

13:34, 1:34 pm (Thirteen-thirty-four, One-thirty-four pm). Does she read a book before dinner?

15:07, 3:07 pm(Fifteen-o-seven, Three-o-seven pm). For dinner, Emily ate doner kebab (shawarma). Is this correct or incorrect?

16:28, 4:28 pm (Sixteen-hundred twenty-eight, Four-twenty-eight pm). What does she do after dinner?
17:01, 5:01 pm Seventeen-o-one, Five-o-one pm). What is the first thing you do when you get home from school? The first thing I do when I get home is . . .

18:43, 6:43 pm (Eighteen-forty-three, Six-forty-three pm). Do you eat lunch at school or at home? Do you eat after coming home from school?

19:16, 7:16 pm (Nineteen-sixteen, Seven-sixteen pm). I play outside with my friends. Or I meet my friends. Yes or no?

20:05, 8:05 pm (Twenty-o-five, Eight-o-five pm). When do you do your homework? What time do you do your homework? How much time do you spend doing homework?

21:59, 9:59 pm (Twenty-one-fifty-nine, Nine-fifty-nine, pm). Do you watch TV, YouTube videos or both?

12:00 (Twelve Midnight). What time do you go to bed? When do you go to sleep?

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