after school easy

After School



glass bench come/came/come
field it’s time meet/met/met
take buddy look forward to
tutor private previous
extra free (3) neighbor
pork science take the bus
surf right (2) leftovers
still forward surf the internet



After School

At three o’clock, Timo comes home from school.

He has leftovers from the previous dinner (his parents are still at work).

After that, he does his homework for a few hours.

Later, Timo meets his buddies. They go to a sports field and play soccer or basketball.

Extra Lessons

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Timo takes extra English lessons at a private language center.

Right now he is studying intermediate English. He has studied English for many years.

On Wednesdays, he goes to a tutor for math and science.

Town Centre

Monday and Friday afternoons are free for Timo. Sometimes, he and his neighbor take the bus to the town centre.

There they walk in a shopping mall. They eat pizza at a fast food restaurant.

Other times, they visit a park and sit on a bench.

In the Evening

In the evening they return home.

Timo has supper with his family. His mom sometimes makes roast chicken, vegetables, and potatoes.

If he has finished his homework, Timo surfs the internet. He chats with friends, listens to music, and watches videos.

He looks forward to the weekend.

Timo isn’t exactly sure what he wants to be in the future; but he plans on attending university.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *

1. Timo only studies. Yes or no? Does he have a busy lifestyle?

2. What are his hobbies or activities?

3. He takes extra lessons. True or false? If yes, how does he take extra lessons?

4. Does he visit the town center? How does he go there? What does he do in the center)?

5. What kinds of food does he eat? He eats . . . . . . .

6. In the evening, Timo . . . . . . . . . .

7. What might he be doing in the future? What will happen to him in the future?
A. What do you typically do after school?

B. What are your hobbies?

C. How do you relax or have fun?

D. Do you take extra lessons or private tutoring?

E. I belong to a club or organization. Yes or no?

F. When I grow up, I want to be a/an . . . . . . . . .

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