Tour Guide in Arusha


Tumaini talks about his work and life in Tanzania.


profession professional tour
guide just drive
arrange safari national
park national park bring
close (2) animal maybe
visit other country (2)
some business motorbikes
something happy family
God give joy
food everything favorite
meat milk because
Masai chickens potato
rice dish (2) worry
disappear some people
kill horn just
sell lion skin
Ibiza friend party
spare time visit village
must wear dress



1. Who is this person?

2. What is his job? What does he do?

3. Name some examples of globalization.

4. What makes him happy?

5. What are his favorite foods?

6. What does he worry about?

7. Why does he want to visit Spain?

8. In his spare time he………….

9. Name ten things and seven activities from the video.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Asha from Arusha


Asha talks about her organization and globalization.


region live organization
against HIV/AIDS most
time most of the time volunteer
basis funds pay
salary staff because
new technology around (2)
world let communicate
people all hear
what is going on another corner
come now see
dress (2) west east
north south West/Westerner
find outside quality
wise (2) quality-wise unify
globalization single society
give chance if
given a chance travel decide
nowadays have a lot of
thing (2) move all over
all around care (2) don’t/doesn’t care
make make money visit
learn something use
country my own country happy
because change behavior
adolescence especially health




1. Who is she? Who is this person?

2. Who does she work with?

3. Does she earn a salary or is she a volunteer?

4. What is her opinion on globalization? What examples does she give?

5. If she could, she would travel to……………. because…………..

6. Is she happy with her work? Why?

7. Name ten things and seven activities from the video.

A. Do you live in Tanzania? Are you from Tanzania? Have you been to Tanzania?

B. Have you met people from Tanzania? Who were they? What were they doing?

C. Describe the climate and geography of Tanzania.

D. Describe the economy of Tanzania. What does it import and export?

E. Does Tanzania have any challenges or problems?

F. What is the food of Tanzania like? Describe the food of Tanzania.

G. Describe the tourist attractions of Tanzania (cultural, historic, natural).

H. What comes to mind when you think of Tanzania? What do you associate with Tanzania?

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