Advertisements, two





clown fast food mannequin
biscuit cosmetics cruise ship
bench jewelry luxury liner
cookie lipstick entertainment
cream celebrity motorcycle
bun lettuce scuba diving
shark sneakers wrist watch
lips racing cruise line
casino billboard platform (3)
store fashion waterproof
shop luxury smartphone






Here are some advertisements. Answer the following questions for each.

1. What do you see? Where is this place?

2. Are there any characters? Who were the characters? What are the people doing? What is happening?

3. What is the product or service? What is being sold?

4. Who is the company?

5. What is the message?

6. Who is the target?

7. Where would you see this ad?

8. What would viewers think? What would be their reaction?

C   D  
E F   G
H  I
J  K
L  M


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