act add back blow

Phrasal Verbs, 1

Act up, Add up, Ask out



act up back off blow up (3)
ask out add up to back down
act like add up (2)





Act up

1. Act up (to behave badly, to be restless)

The pupils in class were acting up. Was the teacher pleased? Why were they acting up? What should you do when children act up? Do some people in the city center act up?

2. Act like/act as if (behave like someone or something else)

Kevin acts like he’s the boss. How do the others feel?
Does your classmate or colleague act like he’s really cool or macho?

3a. Add up (calculate the total)

I added up the cost of the items: it’s $143. Am I in a cafe or bakery? Where am I? Do you or your friend work in a shop? Every adult has adds up their bills and daily expenses on a personal budget book or excel. True or false?

3b. Add up (to make sense; fit together)

The president says unemployment is only 3.3%, but the facts don’t seem to add up. What does this mean?

4. Add up to (to amount to)

Mathew’s various income streams add up to about 5000 euros a month. Give some examples of income streams.




Ask out

5. Ask out (invite for a date).

Michael asked Susan out, but she turned him down. Why did she turn him down? Where do guys ask girls out?
Girls ask boys out. Yes, no, always, frequently, sometimes, rarely, never?

6. Back down (retreat from a claim, intention, or point of view after a challenge)

The government was going to fine and close down the factory for environmental pollution, but backed down. Why did the government back down? Was this good or bad?

7. Back off (withdraw, move backward from a person)

“Back off! Back off!” the pop singer said. What was going on?

Blow Up

8a. Blow up (to expand, inflate).

We’re having a birthday party for Lily . . . .

8b. Blow up (to explode).

What happened to the big statue? What happened to the old building?

8c. Blow up (an outburst, suddenly become very angry)

What happened when the boss heard the news? What was the news?

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