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Careers in Accounting



field (2) grow (2) increase
sophisticated manager management
technique demand (2) provide
efficient require ability
gather data analyze
complete present conclusion
clear (2) education main
subject prepare preparation
career prefer master (2)
degree (3) however master’s degree
case (2) firm (2) graduate (2)
discipline (2) full empty
train (2) wish (2) practice (2)
charter certified distinction
public earn (2) professional
qualify government agency
hospital trade (2) union
trade union profit non-profit
organization to organize provide
wide range service
other operate independent
freelance numerous client


Jobs in Accounting

The number of jobs in many accounting fields is growing. Increasingly sophisticated management techniques demand information that can be provided most efficiently by accountants.


Accounting requires the ability to gather data, analyze problems completely, and present conclusions clearly.

A university education, with accountancy as the main subject studied, is good preparation for an accounting career. Some organizations prefer accountants with a master’s degree in accounting or management.

Training and Qualification

However, in many cases, accountancy firms take on graduates from other disciplines and provide full training in the field.

Many accountants become chartered (or certified public) accountants because they wish to practice public accountancy or to have the distinction of earning a professional qualification.

Places of Employment

Many accountants work for business firms or government agencies. Some have jobs with hospitals, trade unions, universities or other non-profit-making organizations.

Many chartered (or certified public) accountants practice in public accountancy firms that provide a wide range of services. Others operate as independent freelancers with one or more clients.

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1. What is the outlook or prospects in accounting?

2. Business operations are becoming more and more complex. True or false?

3. What are the duties or tasks of accountants?

4. A university degree in accounting is required for accounting. Yes or no? Do you need a university degree to become an accountant?

5. Why is a certification in accounting desirable?

6. Accountants can find work in any company or institution. Is this correct or wrong?
A. Are you an accountant? Do you know anyone who is an accountant?

B. What field do you or does your friend specialize in?

C. Who do you or your friend work for?

D. Are there accountants in your company or do you hire a freelance accountant?

E. Accounting is mostly working with computers. Yes or no?

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