ABC’s Wide World of Sports




span variety motorcycle
globe bronco mountain range
defeat drama competition (2)
wide agony charge (3)
local dealer (2) bring/brought/brought
truck boxing see/saw/seen
lately muffler brought to you by
trust goal (2) Midas Touch
need export downhill skiing
touch portable gymnastics
boat battery alpine skiing
hunt Great Wall snow-capped mountains
thrill athletic Statue of Liberty
cap baseball win/won/won
rodeo race (2) generator
world constant cross-country skiing
invite knockout somersault
thrill marathon figure skating
brake import spring board
pool ice rink dive/dove/dove
ski diving parachute






Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports: the thrill of victory. And the agony of defeat.

The human drama of athletic competition.

This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


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Baseball. In the beginning of the video, they showed a basketball game. True or false? What did they show?

Ski Jump, Downhill Skiing. Was there a tragedy or accident? Did they show an accident or tragedy?

Marathon Race. Did the video show some races? What kind of races there there?

Soccer, Football. In the football match, to players collided with each other. Is this right or wrong?

Car Race. Were there only athletes or were there also machines and animals?

Gymnastics. Only men were shown. Is this correct or incorrect? Which sports did women perform?

Rodeo. Did they show extreme sports? Which extreme sports did they show?
Boxing. Are sports programs popular on TV? Are there sports channels?

Skydiving. All the sports on the video are played in my country. Yes or no?

Bicycle Racing. Do you play sports? What sports do you do?

Track and Field. Who plays the most sports among your friends, colleagues or classmates? Who is the best athlete?

Cross-Country Skiing. What sports or activity would you like to do if you could perform any sport or activity? If I could do any sport, I would . . . .

Motorcycle Race. What might happen in the future?

Diving. Are sports important? Should people do sports?

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