a theft

A Theft



lock homeless steal/stole/stolen
cash security terminal (2)
local rummage according to
region emerge courthouse
around footage handle (2)
lean garbage spokesperson
seem surprise sleep rough
located banknote recognize
thief regularly investigation
trace suitcase



Paris (CNN) A homeless man stole 300,000 euros ($353,000) from an unlocked room in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport on Friday.

The money was taken from an office belonging to cash-handling company Loomis in Terminal 2F of the airport at 5:30 p.m. local time, according to a spokesman at the courthouse in Bobigny, the capital of the region in which the airport is located.

He said that security camera footage shows the man, who is believed to be around 50 years old, rummaging through garbage cans near the Loomis office. The man then leans against the office door and seems surprised when it opens.

The footage shows the man putting down a suitcase and entering the office. He emerged a few minutes later with two bags full of bank notes, according to the spokesman. Leaving his own suitcase behind, he exited the airport and walked away.

The spokesman said that the man was recognized by police who have regularly seen him sleeping rough near the airport.

An investigation has been opened but there is currently no trace of the thief.


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1. A sophisticated, professional stole $3,000. True or false?

2. Did he steal money from a bank in a financial district?

3. The man had planned the theft in great detail and long in advance. Is this right or wrong? What had he been doing before the theft?

4. Was the thief a young male?

5. Was the Loomis company well secured?

6. Did witnesses see him? Was anyone suspicious?

7. The police knew him because he has a criminal record. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. How do the authorities feel about this? What does the media and public think about this?

B. Do you see homeless people? Is homelessness a serious problem where you live? Has the situation been changing over the years?

C. Is theft and other crimes a big problem?

D. Why is there homelessness? What is the solution to homelessness?

E. Is there a lot of security, CCTV and guards on patrol?

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