A Technician from Nanjing

Hu Guo talks about his work and life.



salary jogging technician
choice employer parent company
really probably employee
join get along way too expensive
duck together globalization
retire fishing around (3)
hope compare opportunity






My name is Guo Hu. I’m 48 years old.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a technician. My salary is around 3,000 rmb.

What country would you like to visit?

Germany would be my first choice because I would like to visit the parent company of my employer, Menicase.

But compared to China it would probably be way too expensive for me.

What makes you happy?

Joining the company. Here all the people are like members of one big family. And they get along together well.

What’s your favorite food?

I like fish and duck most; Nanjing duck, not Peking duck,

How do you spend your leisure time?

I enjoy fishing, jogging, and playing games.

What do you expect for your future?

After I retire, I really hope to have the opportunity to travel around the world. I want to see other countries.

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China. Who is this person? Is he young, middle-aged or old?

Guo Hu works in an office doing paperwork. True or false? What is his profession?

Does he want to visit Hollywood, California? He would like to visit . . . . . because . . . . . .

Guo Hu doesn’t like his boss because his boss is mean and strict. Is this right or wrong?

Does he like pizza and hamburger? His favorite foods are . . . . . .

He mostly watches TV in his free time. Is this correct or incorrect? How does he spend his free time?

Will Guo Hu play golf when he retires? What will he do when he retires?

Describe some things and activities from the video.
Laos. Do you live in China? Are you from China? Have you ever been to China?

Have you met people from China? Who were they? What were they doing?

Describe the geography and climate of China.

Indonesia. Describe the economy of China. What does it export and import?

Does China have any problems or challenges? What are problems and challenges of China?

What’s Chinese food or cuisine like?

What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historic, natural)?

What comes to mind when you think of China? What do you associate with China?


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