a house in Mexico City

A House in Mexico City



absorb welcome neighborhood
guest decorate musketeer
stone come in either side
bench ornament comfortable
proper senorita exercise (2)
stairs receive (2) spend/spent/spent
used to grown-up generation
lovely grow up grow/grew/grown
quiet room (2) meet/met/met






Mexico City, Mexico. Metropolis of 20 Million People.

Mrs. Ribanos: Hello. Welcome to our home we’re the Ribanos family. Come in.

This is our room where we receive guests. It’s decorated with ornaments we like.

Maize Leaf Figurine

I like things like this elephant, and a stone apple; they say it absorbs bad energy.

Over there is our dining room. My husband really likes the benches; they’re very comfortable. He saw them in a restaurant and wanted to have them.

Look, this is when we got married. That’s my daughter Avril on the two pictures on either side. She was five at the time. Now she feels like a proper grown-up a real senorita.

Stairs to the Second Living Room

“Barbie and the Three Musketeers”

Mr. Ribanos: This is the living room. This is where we spend most of our family time together. We watch TV. We do our exercises. This house used to belong to my grandmother; it’s been in the family for two generations.

Our neighborhood is lovely. Very quiet.

Many of us grew up together. When you walk out the door, you often meet someone you used to play with his kids while visiting your grandparents.

Many thanks for your visit. As we say in Mexico, “Our house is your house.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Door, Doorway, Entrance. The Ribanos Family live isolated. They have no friends. True or false?

Sofa, Couch, Armchair. Is the stone apple simply an artwork or a good luck charm as well?

Bed. Their dining table and seats are typical for homes. Is this right or wrong?

Window, Window Curtains. When was the happiest moment in their lives?

Table, Dining Table, Desk, Coffee Table. Do they always listen to music in their free time?

Shelves, Bookcase. The Ribanos family bought their house from a stranger. Is this correct or incorrect?

Wardrobe, Closet. Do the neighbors play loud music?

Bedside Table, Nightstand.
Are the residents mostly outsiders, local or both?

We have lots of ornaments and decorations in my house. Yes or no?

Living Room. Do you lucky charms or lucky objects?

Bedroom. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Do you and your family like to watch TV, or do you prefer to watch YouTube videos?

Hallway. Is your neighborhood quiet or noisy? Are you friends with your neighbors?

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