A firewalking ceremony

A Firewalking Ceremony









1. In the video, a group of people were working. True or false?

2. Where and when did this event take place? Describe the venue.

3. The event was quiet. Is this right or wrong?

4. What took place? What happened? Describe the event.

5. There was a leader of the event. Is this correct or incorrect? Who was the leader of the event? Describe the leader.

6. Was she yelling, screaming, shouting and scolding everyone?

7. How did everyone feel at the end?

8. What may have been the purpose of the event? Why did they have this event?


A. I have seen a firewalking ceremony. Yes or no? Are there firewalking ceremonies or rituals in your country?

B. How do the firewalkers perform their feats?

C. My friends would like to perform a firewalk. True or false?

D. Are there any analogies regarding firewalking?

E. Success coaching and self-help books, CDs, seminars, events are very popular.

F. What might happen in the future?


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