9th birthday party

A 9th Birthday Party



dear deer pick (3)
cute penguin present (2)
fun biscuit cauliflower
aunt uncle spoiled (2)






Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Alyssa, Happy Birthday to you!


Mother: Who picked that up for Alyssa?
Friend: That’s cute.
David: I picked that up.
Mother: Thanks David. Do you like those? They’re penguins.

Friend: Do you like those?
Mother: She’s never had any before. Are you excited about those Alyssa? Do you like it?
Alyssa: Yes, I love it.
Mother: David helped pick out all your presents this year. That’s super cute.

Mother: Okay, we’re having Alyssa’s birthday dinner. We have a little thing on her chair because she’s special. And we have some chicken that my mom made.

Mom’s a good cook.

And salad and cauliflower. And mom made biscuits too.

Father: You’re having fun, Alyssa?

Alyssa: Thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday.
Mother: Here are Alyssa’s birthday presents: she’s got a lot of aunts and grandparents; she got spoiled.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. This was a Christmas celebration. True or false?

2. Did Alyssa get a new bicycle for her birthday? Did she get one or many presents?

3. Alyssa liked and loved her presents. Yes or no?

4. Did Alyssa’s mother pick out her presents?

5. Everyone had a birthday breakfast. Is this right or wrong? What foods did they have?

6. Does Alyssa have a big family? Does she have many relatives?


A. I have birthday parties. Yes or no?

B. How many people come to your birthday party? Who comes to your birthday parties?

C. Do you receive presents? What presents do you get?

D. Is there a feast? What do you eat at birthday parties?

E. I go to my friends’ birthday parties. True or false? How many birthday parties do you celebrate every year?


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