2020 protest riot looting

2020 Protests and Riots, 1



riot charred grapple (2)
fury evident overnight
corner rampage demonstrator
flame violence out of control
at time pass (3) emphasize
dawn sober (2) country (2)
cam spark (2) body cam
looting separate hold down
arrest security counterfeit
knee devolve straightforward
beg handcuff frustration
air tired (2) excruciating
gasp breathe see/saw/seen
fired remnant get/got/gotten
neck seemingly broad daylight
execute issue (3) civil rights
leader suspicion hold/held/held
justice familiar charge (3)
involve divide (2)






Minneapolis today with its charred remnants of last night’s rioting, the fury evident at every corner. Overnight demonstrators had rampaged, the violence, the anger and the flames at times well out of control, continued until dawn. And throughout, looting was equally rampant.

It’s all become soberingly familiar in this country, so too the action that sparked it: this body cam video, and separately this security video show some of the last few minutes of George Floyd’s life.

Stopped on suspicion of passing counterfeit money, what seems a straightforward arrest somehow devolves into this: excruciating to watch, it’s Floyd now on the ground, begging for his life, handcuffed gasping for air, police officers knee on his neck while others do nothing.

Floyd’s brother Philanese said today he’s tired of seeing black men die.

Philanese Floyd, George Floyd’s Brother: “I’m never going to get my brother back. They executed my brother in broad daylight.”

The officers involved have all been fired; the city’s mayor wants them charged as the frustration continues.

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton today emphasized the rioting in Minneapolis isn’t the issue.

Al Sharpton, Civil Rights Leader: “The reason why you see the anger in Minneapolis is because this is not the first time. The violence I’m addressing is how a man could hold a man down with a knee on his neck for nine minutes that’s when the violence started.”

Seeking answers and justice in a country grappling yet again with its seemingly forever racial divide.

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1. Everything was quiet and peaceful in Minneapolis that night. True or false?

2. Did people simply want to loot and steal store items?

3. George Floyd had been violently assaulting people in a store. Is this right or wrong?

4. Did a police officer choke Floyd with his arm? Did others try to stop the police officer?

5. Floyd’s mother expressed her sadness and anger. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. What has happened to the police officers involved? What may happen to them?

7. Is there a connection between the riot and Floyd’s death?


A. I am shocked by what has happened in the US. Yes or no?

B. Are the protesters justified in looting and arson?

C. Have the police in general been too rough and sadistic, or is this an isolated case?

D. What are the causes of these demonstrations, protests and riots?

E. What might happen in the future?

F. What should people and the government do?


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