12 Tips for Interviews

Here are twelve tips for a successful interview.



tip eye contact dress for success
beware firm (2) handshake
moist make sure concentrate
concise waffle (2) non-verbal
punctual in advance says a thousand words
find out beforehand ideal/ideally
roll (2) CV (resume) looking for
claim on board qualification







12 Tips for Interviews

Number one, be smart. Suited and booted. If you look good, you feel good. Dress for success.

Number two, keep good eye contact during the interview.

Tip number three, beware of your handshake. Not too firm, not too soft, and whatever you do, make sure your hand is dry.

Tip number four, make sure you sell yourself. You know all the great things about yourself, make sure the interviewer get to hear about them.

Tip number five. Always listen. Really concentrate on what the interviewer is saying or asking you, so you can answer correctly.

Tip number six. Be concise and clear in your answers. Don’t waffle.

Tip number seven. Beware of your body language. Remember, 80% of body language is non-verbal. A smile says a thousand words.

Tip number eight. Ask lots of questions. Prepare them in advance.

Tip number nine.
Tip number nine, end with a smile and a handshake, and ask the interviewer what will happen next.

Tip number ten. Punctuality; don’t be late. Check the location and journey beforehand. You want to get there, ideally five minutes before hand.

Tip number eleven. Prepare. Prepare before the interview. Find out about the company. Find out what it does. Find out what the role is. And try to think, if you were the employer what would you be looking for.

Tip number twelve. Finally tip number 12, know your CV. Know what qualifications you’ve claimed. Know what experiences are on your CV. Know the dates of your employment, and know the achievements you’ve claimed.

Take these tips on board and good luck with the interview.


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First Questions. For tip number one, what does the speaker mean by “dress for success”?

Second Question.
Tip number two, you should look down. True or false?

For tip number three, should you squeeze the other person’s hand tightly?

“Sell yourself.” What do you tell the interviewer?

Fifth. You must listen to the interviewer carefully. Yes or no?

When answering, should you be general; or specific and detailed?

What does he say about body language?

Should the job applicant only answer questions?

What should you do at the end of an interview?

You should come to the company for the first time on the day of the interview. True or false?

If the interview is at 10:00 sharp, you must come at 10:00 sharp. Yes or no?

You must know everything about your CV (resume) beforehand. Yes or no? Should you know everything about the company and the position beforehand?
A. Have you had a job interview? If yes, how many have you had?

B. Are job interviews in your city similar to that in the video?

C. Do you feel nervous during an interview?

D. Would you rather be an interviewer or an interviewee?

E. Are interviews different for technical workers, and managers and salespeople?

F. The job interview is the most important part of hiring. Do you agree?

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