The Boat Cruise




guy surreal feet/foot (2)
log in thing (2) what’s the matter
pea anchor (2) pea soup (2)
call in bow (3) foot/feet (2)
way count (2) find/found/found
air fresh (2) invigorating
rib (2) bounce bad/worse/worst
crack trouble bungee jumping
group check (3) check it out
dare humor instrument
get off storm (2) handle (2)
knock barometer knock out (2)
radar reservoir spin/spun/spun
top position freshwater
drain drain out screwed up
island off course blow/blew/blown
land headache hard to tell
tide zodiac (2) impossible
steer take care hold/held/held (2)
ASAP replenish pina colada
bump prepared Boy Scouts
whale manta ray believe (2)
stay hell (3) look around
crazy sign (3) count me in
boat cock (2) hammer (2)
flare fire (3) put/put/put
gun hightail bounce back
gore pick (3) grow up (2)
hop hand (2) grow/grew/grown
shore supply (2) island hopping


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Frost Michaels, Passenger: Guys guys gotta check this out it’s logged in everywhere you can’t see 10 feet past your nose — it’s so surreal . . . What’s the matter?

Stack, First Mate: It’s pea soup out there; can’t even see the anchor at the end of the bow. Think we ought to call thing in, cap?
Captain Burroughs: Yeah go ahead and leave the position. Gotta find a way to steer around this.

Frost Michaels, Passenger: You guys need a little fresh air: you knew there was gonna be some weather, right?

Lindsey Stevens, Passenger: Fresh air?
Frost Michaels, Passenger: Yes fresh air: it’s invigorating!
Lindsey Stevens: Frost, this is worse than the bungee-jumping!
Frost Michaels, Passenger: What do you mean worse bungee-jumping? You loved that!
Cole Stevens, Passenger: I cracked two ribs.
Frost: But your bounce back, right?
Lindsey Stevens, Passenger: It’s been like this for two weeks — I can’t handle it!

Stack, First Mate: Nothing. I got nothing at 11 at 16 haystack.
Captain Burroughs: Hey Stack . . . Check it out.
Frost Michaels: Okay, okay, you know what you need? You need a little group photo.
Lindsey Stevens: Don’t you dare ask us to say cheese.
Frost Michaels: You see that’s what you need: a little say cheese humor I’m looking for. Okay come on now, one to three: one . . .

Captain Burroughs: What’s that?
Frost Michaels: Two, three . . .

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Frost Michaels: Karen, you okay?
Karen Michaels: Oh yeah; I got a killer headache!
Frost Michaels: What the hell happened?

Cole Stevens: Lindsay?

Captain Burroughs: Well, looks like we made it through the storm.
Frost: Storm?
Karen: Where are we?

Cole: Cap, what’s our position? How far away are we from San Juan?
Captain: Look, this electrical storm knocked out the engine; I have do electricity, no radar, nothing. Barometers spinning like a top I don’t know what’s going on.

Stack, First Mate: Hey captain; we’re pretty much dead in the water.
Captain: Well, might as well check the engines . . . probably something electrical. Stack: Reservoir cracked: most of my freshwater drained out before I could get down there to stop it. Barometers all screwed up too.
Captain: Stack, can we try to keep everything positive down there?
Stack: Yes, sir.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Karen: Land!
Lindsey: Thank you, God.
Cole: What island is it?
Captain: You know what? There shouldn’t be any land out here for miles.
Frost: Well maybe the storm blew us off course. Are you sure you don’t know our position?
Stack: It’s hard to tell with the instruments out.
Karen: The instruments are out?
Captain: I said it’s difficult; it’s not impossible . . . Stack is working on getting the engine started. Stack?
Stack: Yes sir.

Captain: Anyway, it looks like the tide is moving us towards that island.
Lindsey: Finally some good news.
Captain: Well the anchor’s set; I think she’ll hold. So what do you say we take the zodiac and get some land under our feet?
Lindsey and Karen: Yeah!
Frost: Count me in!
Captain: The main thing is we’ve got to replenish this water supply — without that we are not going anywhere.
Lindsey: Maybe we’ll bump in a pina colada while we’re over there.

Cole: My time in the Boy Scouts did not leave me unprepared.
Karen: Frost!
Frost: Yeah?
Karen: Come here! I saw something!
Frost: What? What? Like what?
Karen: Right there in the water. It was . . .
Cole: Well, what did it look like?
Karen: I don’t know; it was big!
Frost: Like a whale.
Karen: No.
Cole: Maybe it was a manta ray.
Karen: No . . . Look, you know I’m gonna stay here.
Lindsey: Karen!
Karen: I’ll just wait.
Frost: No, no baby; it’s been a crazy night — you’ll be fine.
Karen: You don’t believe me?
Lindsey: Karen don’t you want to get off the boat?
Karen: Yeah but . . .
Frost: Wait wait wait. why don’t you stay here as well, both of you?
Lindsey: No. No I’m going with you guys: freakin Jaws couldn’t keep me from feeling skin between my toes.
Frost: All right fine oh I’m gonna stay here with her.
Karen: No no. You go I’ll be I’ll be okay.

Captain: Hey you can let her stay; but I’m gonna need every hand I can get. So all the shore is going to shore.
Karen: Okay take care of yourself.
Frost: I’ll be back in a little bit.

Captain: You see this? It’s a flare gun. It’s loaded. Close it. Cock the hammer. Put it above your head — and fire.
Karen: Okay.
Captain: We see the flare — we know you’re in trouble.
Karen: What about if you guys are in trouble?
Captain: Well, we’ll just hightail it back here as quickly as possible. ASAP.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Cole: I like it. No more boats; no more boats. You guys go on ahead, we’ll pick some flowers.

Captain: Remember where we came from: see that gore?
Cole: That’s your job.

Captain: Hey Stack.
Stack: Yeah.
Captain: Would you have a look around, so we know which way we’re going.
Stack: Alright, Capsey.

Cole: I see why you keep him around.
Captain: Stack grew up island hopping.
Cole: Well, that’s a good sign.
Captain: Wildlife means we’re near water.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Puerto Rico. In the beginning of the movie, the weather was bright and sunny. True or false?

Cuba. Was everyone on board in a cheerful, party mood?

Bermuda. The characters were on a cruise liner (luxury liner). Is this right or wrong?

Haiti. Did the captain sail the boat to an islet near Puerto Rico?

Jamaica. Afterward, was the boat in perfect condition? Did he tell the passengers the exact details and situation?

Barbados. Karen saw a shoal of sardines, herring or anchovies. What do you think? Did she go to shore?

Bahamas. After they got on shore, did they go to a bar and had pina coladas? Was everything okay with Karen?

Trinidad and Tobago. This movie is a romantic comedy. What do you think?
Dominican Republic. I have seen or read adventure stories like The Land that Time Forgot?

Florida Keys. Have you trekked on an island, hills, forests or nature?

Caribbean Sea. Do you wish to go on a boat tour?

Gulf of Mexico. Americans behave just like people in my country. Yes or no?

Atlantic Ocean. What might happen in the future?

Yucatan Peninsula. What could or should people do?

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