Classical French Culture, 2




gate refined courtyard
dress golden champagne
brass bubbles brass band
cards ceiling costume party
wig royalty extravagant
patch elegant eye-patch
palace portrait palm reading
serve chorus ostentatious
gilded feather billiards
lute curtain costume
tour mirror flamboyant
elite candle chandelier
choir nobility aristocracy
elan refined sophisticated





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Monarch, Monarchy. In the video was there a narrator speaking or was it completely silent?

King and Queen. Anyone could just enter the palace. True or false?

Prince and Princess. Did people get soft drinks from vending machines?

Emperor and Empress. Was everyone wearing disco and nightclub clothes?

Royalty. What were the guest doing? Where they just standing around and socializing?

Nobility, Nobleman, Noblewoman. The attendants were mostly teenagers and families with children. Is this correct or incorrect?

Baron, Baroness. Was the music from a stereo system? Did the music come from a stereo system? Did they play House and Techno Music?

Duke, Duchess. Guests only stayed in the palace hall. Is this right or wrong?
Aristocrats. I have visited palaces, castles and fortresses. Yes or no? What palaces, fortresses and castles have you visited?

Counsel, Advisors. Are there grand palaces and castles in your region or country? Who resided (lived) in them? Who built them? Are they residences or museums?

Council. Are there fancy, old, traditional balls, festivals and parties?

Palace Guards. What might happen in the future?

Attendants, Servants. Should people celebrate, preserve and carry on with traditional festivals and parties?

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