Christmas Day




gift under present (3)
box lonely everywhere
wrap adhesive masking tape
alone ribbon look out (2)
lamp lights everything
stairs door bell downstairs
robe holiday sit/sat/sat
smile wooden hide/hid/hidden
sneak decorate set the table
card turkey look out the window
roast candle gathering
bell upstairs find/found/found
knock anything something
invite dinner somewhere
feast scissors anywhere
wrap unwrap celebration


Video One



Video Two






Mother: “Hey Buddy. Where’ve you been?
Buddy, Son: “Nowhere.”

Mother: “I’ve got it . . . Oh, Mrs. Roberts! Merry Christmas! . . . Is everything okay?”
Mrs. Roberts: “I found this on my porch:”

‘You are invited to Christmas Dinner!!!

From Henry Stafford’

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Christmas. In the first video, a woman received a present from her nephew. What do you think?

New Year’s. What did she do with the box? Did she bring it to the post office? Did she have many gifts under her Christmas tree?

Lunar New Year. The next morning, on Christmas Day, her granddaughter opened the gift. Is this right or wrong?

Valentine’s Day. Is there a message, theme, moral or lesson to the skit?

Easter. In the beginning of the second video, did a boy set off fireworks in his back yard?

Maslinitsa. In the boy’s home, he and his family were watching TV. Is this correct or incorrect? How did everyone feel?

Spring Break. What happened in the end?

Labor Day. It there a theme, moral, message or lesson in the second video?
Mothers’ Day. Some people live alone or have no family or friends. Yes or no?

Independence Day. During winter, do people celebrate Christmas or other occasion? What happens to you town or city during Christmas?

Summer Holiday. Do you celebrate Christmas or other holidays? How do you celebrate Christmas or other occasions?

Halloween. Christmas is the most joyous time of the year. Do you agree? Is everyone joyous during Christmas?

Thanksgiving. What is the meaning of Christmas? What might happen in the future?

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