singer and dancer

The Singer and Dancer



mean theater (2) administrator
buzz remember prove a point







David William: Hello.
Richard Bayton: Hello.
David William: Hello.
Richard Bayton: Hi.
David: Welcome to you. What’s your name?
Richard Bayton: My name is Richard. I come from York.
David: Okay. What do you do?
Richard Bayton: I’m an administrator at a university. And I also teach kids theater as well.
Simon: We’ve seen you before, haven’t we?
Richard Bayton: Yes, I was here two years ago.
Simon: I remember.
Richard Bayton: You buzzed me, Simon; you buzzed Amanda’s as well.
Simon: Sorry. I’m such a meanie, aren’t I?
Richard Bayton: But you’re still very beautiful, Simon.
Simon: Thank you. Okay Richard you’ve got a chance to prove a point, yeah?
Richard Bayton: Yes.
Simon: Okay.
Richard Bayton: Okay, thank you everybody.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Richard Bayton is a professional magician. True or false?

2. Is this Richard’s first audition on Britain’s Got Talent?

3. Did Simon like Richard’s performance two years ago?

4. What did Richard do? Describe his act?

5. Do you think Richard goes to the gym and exercises?

6. All the judges loved his performance. Is this right or wrong?

7. What did the audience think of Richard?


A. Did you like Richard’s performance? Was he funny?

B. My friends and I want to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Yes or no?

C. I know some people who love to sing and dance.

D. What will happen in Richard?

E. Can you sing many different songs?


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