living room in Mexico 2

Mexican Living Room




hub transport come on in
place favorite go ahead (2)
couch decorate come back
fight paint (2) hang/hung/hung
bear sit/sat/sat bring/brought/brought
inherit welcome do/did/done
skill valuable tell/told/told
box keep (2) make/made/made
pilot stop by mother-in-law
teddy talented comfortable
hope stuff (2) possession






Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico

Transport Hub in south-eastern Mexico

Hello welcome to my living room. Come on in.

This is our favorite place, our most comfortable couch.

Maria, 3 Years Old

We fight about who gets to sit here.

Rodrigo, 5 Years Old

My mother painted this picture when I was around 10 or 12 years old. It hung in my room. And now I’ve brought it to my house. Almost all the paintings were done by my mother-in-law or my mother; they’re both very talented.

Would you like to tell them about this picture? Go ahead.

Rodrigo, Son: “I made it.”

My son inherited his artistic skills from his grandmothers.

Grandmother is a painter. Grandfather is a pilot.

My mother also painted this box for me, so I’d have a place to keep all my valuable possessions. Now it’s here at our house too, and I keep both my and my kids things in it.

She made it for me when I was very young; that’s why it’s decorated with things I liked then, things like baseballs, teddy bears, stuff like that.

Thanks for stopping by. This is our home, and I hope you come back to Chiapas soon.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Bookcase. Everyone likes to stay in their bedroom. True or false?

Dining Table. Do the entire family like sitting at the kitchen table?

Sofa, Couch. The father and grandfather painted the pictures in their house. Is this right or wrong?

Bed. What is Rodrigo’s hobby?

Coffee Table. She keeps her things in a metal safe with a combination lock. Is this correct or incorrect?

Chest of Drawers. Is the grandfather a sailor on a ship?

Dresser. Is football the only sport played in Mexico?
Living Room. What is your favorite room in your house?

Kitchen. I can paint. I am a talented painter. Yes or no? Can your friends paint?

Do you have a box that you keep your things inside?

Bedroom. Is baseball a popular sport in your country?

Closet. Do you have pictures, paintings and art objects in your house?

Dining Room.
I have flown in a small airplane. True or false? Do you see small airplanes flying around in your city?

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