lion mouse

The Mouse and the Lion



hole climb whenever
back crawl feel/felt/felt
paw angry catch/caught
beg worry let him go
net promise kind/kindness
rope come out loud/loudly
king jungle repay/repaid
tiny hunter set him free
trap disturb catch/caught/caught
roar free (2) hear/heard/heard
rush voice mean (3)
chew laugh find/found/found
moral despair





One day a lion was resting under a tree.

Suddenly, a mouse came out from a hole under the tree . . . and climbed on the lion’s back.

The lion felt something crawling on his back. He got angry and caught the mouse in his paw.

The mouse begged for his life and told the lion to let him go, as he never meant to disturb him.

The mouse promised to help him whenever he is in need.

The lion laughed loudly at this and said, “How could a tiny mouse help the king of the jungle?” and set the mouse free.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

A few days later, some hunters came to the jungle to catch a lion.

The lion got trapped in the hunter’s net.

The lion roared in despair.

And the mouse heard the lion’s voice. He rushed to see what had happened to the lion, and found him trapped in the net.

The mouse told the lion not to worry. And without wasting time, started chewing the ropes.

Soon he chewed all the ropes and set the lion free.

The lion thanked the mouse and was very happy on being free.

And both become friends.

The moral of the story is kindness is always repaid. Even small things can do big jobs.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. In the beginning, the lion was hunting. True or false?

2. Was the mouse playing with the lion? Did the mouse disturb and bother the lion?

3. The lion got angry and ate the mouse. Is this right or wrong?

4. Did the mouse say anything? What did the mouse say? The mouse said . . . .

5. The lion believed the mouse. Yes or no?

6. What happened a few days later? A few days later . . . .

7. Did the mouse do anything? What did the mouse do?

8. How did the lion feel? The lion felt . . . . What did he say?

9. What is the moral or lesson of the story? The moral of the story is……

10. Has this happened to you in real life?
A. I have seen a lion. Yes or no?

B. There are mice in my friend’s house. True or false?

C. Have you heard the expression, “You scratch my back, I scratch your back.”

D. Have you helped your friend, and then your friend helped you?

E. Do businesses do this?

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