cartoon heroes

The Cartoon Heroes



hero cartoon superpowers
luck fierce fearless
team sassy brilliant
lucky power amazing
cute proud gymnastics
dress identity shine/shone/shone






Simon: “Hi girls.”
Cartoon Heroes: “Hi!”
Simon: “Who are you?”
Cartoon Heroes: “We are the Cartoon Heroes!”
Simon: “Okay. How old are you?”
Lucky: “I’m nine.”
Fierce: “I’m nine.”
Sassy: “I’m eight.”
Simon: “Okay. Tell me what your superpowers are.”
Lucky: “I bring luck to the team.”
Fierce: “I make sure everyone is fierce and fearless.”
Sassy: “And I spread sass wherever I go.”
Simon: “Got it.”
David: “Just like me!”
Simon: “Are you friends?”
Cartoon Heroes: “Yes!”
Simon: “Okay, so why are you on the show, girls?”
Fierce: “Because we want to show how amazing we are.”
Cartoon Heroes: “And we’re going to win!”
Sassy: “And this dance is about girl power!”
Cartoon Heroes: “Yes! Girl power!”
Simon: “Okay, let’s win it.”
Cartoon Heroes: “Thank you!”
Amanda: “Oh my god. I love them.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Simon: “Wow, okay. Amanda.”
Amanda: “Oh my god. I loved you. I loved you. I loved you. The gymnastics and music were brilliant. And you are alls so cute. I could eat you.”

Ayesha: “You are sassy, fierce . . . and I love you. Well done. You’re very proud.”

Simon: “David.”

David: “Wow. I’ve got all those dresses at home. It was brilliant. Brilliant. I love your dance set; your identities really shone through, and I think that’s what we’re going to remember.”

Ayesha: “Cartoon Heroes!”

Simon: “Okay, we’re going to vote. David.”
David: “I’m going to say ‘yes’.”
Simon: “Ayesha.”
Ayesha: “I’m saying ‘YES’!”
Amanda: “It’s a ‘YES’ for me.”
Simon: “Four ‘yeses’.”
Fierce: “Thank you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The performers were wearing ordinary clothes: jeans, T-shirts, sneakers. True or false?

2. Were their names Nancy, Michelle and Tina?

3. Did they think they were going to win?

4. There were only three performers. Is this right or wrong?

5. What did they do? What was their performance?

6. Did they all have their names written on their dresses?

7. The judges loved them and their performance. Is this correct or incorrect? How did they vote?


A. Do you and your friends watch cartoons? What are your favorite cartoons?

B. Who are your favorite heroes or cartoon characters?

C. Can your friends dance like Cartoon Heroes?

D. What are your favorite words?

E. I want to be a superhero or a cartoon hero. Yes or no?

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