artist in Mexico living room

An Artist in Mexico



skein come in Population
safe normal sleep/slept/slept
dine fold out apartment
fold piece (2) comfortable
thin rest (2) studio (2)
brass apply (2) leaf/leaves (2)
layer borough pretty (2)
spin wheel piece of art/work
enjoy room (2) spinning wheel
carve peace give/gave/given
lintel winder surrounded
bone dragon bring/brought/brought
visit space (2)







Mexico City. Population: 20.9 million

The Borough of Coyoacan

Hello and welcome to my home — my house is your house. Please come in.

Artist Eric Masse is from France. He’s lived in Mexico since 1993.

So this is my house, my studio, my dining room. This is where I eat, sleep and work. I live in a studio not a normal apartment.

This is where I sleep — the sofa folds out into a bed. And it’s pretty comfortable to.

The rest of the space is my studio for work. This is oil paint on thin brass leaf; it’s applied in many layers. I think it’s a good piece of work.

This is a spinning wheel a friend of mine from Pakistan gave it to me. He didn’t have room for it in this apartment. I like it; and I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things.

This is a skein winder. A lintel from Pakistan.

I carved this small dragon out of a bone. I used to have dogs and they were always bringing me bones like this.

Thanks for visiting. I have to make some dinner for a friend now, so
I’ll say goodbye. Safe travels. Bye-bye.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Mexico City is a small city. True or false?

2. Is Eric an open, friendly, hospitable person?

3. He is a native-Mexican. Is this right or wrong?

4. Does Eric live in a three-bedroom apartment, with a separate workroom and kitchen?

5. He has a king-sized bed. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Does Eric have an interesting collection from all over the world?

7. He only paints. Yes or no?


A. I do artwork. True or false? Can you or your friend paint, carve or sculpt?

B. Do you or your friends have a collection of antiques?

C. I have a workshop or studio where I study, read, do homework, artwork or use my computer. Yes or no?

D. Do your friends visit your house? Do you visit your friends’ homes?

E. I know some people who live alone.

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